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A leading IT Provider delivering IT Support and Strategic IT Services to the business sector.

Kalara are based just south of Crawley in West Sussex, in the heart of the South East England. We supply exceptional IT Services and IT Support to highest standards across the UK, protecting organisations and driving IT efficiencies to those we serve.

Built on integrity, Kalara is the perfect trusted partner to integrate into your business, one who embeds into your organisation.

We engage with business’ striving for an efficient and productive IT environment with capacity on which to grow their business.

IT Support

Why partner with Kalara?

With Kalara, there is a bigger picture. Our world goes beyond IT support, placing strategic client relationships and IT management at the heart of our business. These important relationships ensure that your IT environment is aligned to your own growth strategies, that IT projects are designed to meet all business objectives, with IT budgets adhered to whilst reducing IT costs over the long term.

We carefully position ourselves within the high service sector, with careful capacity planning ensuring that we are never stretched, dedicating the detailed time that customers expect when employing this level of service.

Working within tight frameworks for IT service delivery we maintain the dedicated services, keeping your IT infrastructure efficient, compliant, Cyber Secure, resilient and your staff well supported.

Embedding Kalara into your business provides you with an expert and dependable team from the top down.

Our premium IT services for Crawley ensure your business and staff remain productive and looked after. We gather in-depth knowledge of your business ensuring that our strategic advice and solutions provide an IT environment you can depend upon and grow from.

Kalara will provide a comprehensive, multilayered, fully managed suite of Cyber Security services for endpoints, networks, cloud applications and virtual environments. This service will replace any existing similar cyber security services. Existing physical security and network devices will be maintained; however, these may be reviewed and recommendations made where necessary.

Employing robust and tested business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, Kalara will keep your business protected and prepared for any unfortunate event that could interrupt IT operations, including security breaches, data loss, natural disasters and unforeseen world events such as the recent pandemic.

Our service systems are built to a framework for Leadership, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Operation, Performance Evaluation and Continuous Service Improvement. This solid framework supports innovation and keeps your operations agile and at the peak of performance. 

To address any gaps in cyber awareness, Kalara will provide a comprehensive cyber awareness training platform, with staff training provided and monitored online. This service will include simulated email Phishing attacks and campaigns.

New technologies and more affordable solutions continuously enter the marketplace. Kalara invest in R & D time, evaluating new software and scanning the market to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition. Generative AI, automation and hardware developments offer opportunities for your business. Without drowning you with unnecessary distractions we will always introduce innovations to you that we believe can add value.

Embedding our IT team into your organisation meets your business needs, supports your employees and the system vendors within it. With our integration and in‐depth understanding of your organisation, Kalara will provide the highest levels of IT management, support and project delivery for your organisation.

Kalara become an essential and trusted team for your business, offering tailored solutions for efficient and secure IT infrastructure in Crawley. We build long-term relationships through proactive support, communication and transparency. At Kalara, we prioritise ethical business practices and customer service. Our trusted business acumen coupled with technical excellence supports clients’ success. You don’t want just an IT provider, you want an IT provider that has the experience and reputation of helping organisations grow, whether from planned natural growth, acquisitions or breaking into new markets

The steps to working with Kalara

We are everything you should expect from a first-class IT Provider, one that embeds into your organisation as a key IT Team, supporting your organisation and delivering scalable IT Solutions on which to grow your business. Here are the five steps to getting started with Kalara for your organisation’s IT support. 

Our happy customers

We operate in the Mid Tier business sectors supplying professional IT services across a number of industries. But all IT providers say that right? Let our customers bring to you how they feel with real life testimonials and case studies. Our customers are happy to supply references, just ask and we will happily arrange an introduction. If we are exceptional, our customers stay. It’s as easy as that.

“Kalara have been working with us for over 12 months now. During this time, they meticulously planned and completed our migration project from Google G-Suite over to Microsoft 365. It’s reassuring to have Kalara with us.”

F.M, Managing Director

IT Support retail

“Kalara quickly identified areas for improvement and implemented solutions that have streamlined our processes and increased our efficiency. Their team provide exceptional IT support and project services across our UK network of stores, offices and distribution centre.”

P.H., Chief Technology Officer

Retail Industry

distribution IT support
“We know we are in safe hands with our team at Kalara. They look after our IT Support, effectively managing all our warehouse IT infrastructure and keeping our IT operations slick and efficient”

G.D., Director of Logistics


“Our IT requirements, business and staff are well supported by Kalara. Wherever we are working, we take comfort in the knowledge that Kalara’s team have our back.”

R.F., Commercial Director


Kalara IT Solutions

IT Strategy

As a trusted solutions provider, Kalara will provide the strategic IT services and support to deliver a dependable IT platform and team for your own business aspirations and growth strategies.

Managed Services

Dependable fully managed services to keep your business protected, secure and operational. Business Continuity, Software subscriptions, 365 services, Cloud Services, Cyber Security… We have it covered.


Kalara will be with you for the journey. Exceptional End-To-End project services providing design, project management, change management and delivery.

Management and Support

Exceptional IT management and IT support to keep your business safe, secure and productive. Kalara will ensure your staff get the support they need and the reliable IT systems to work with.

Meet the MD

Meet our MD, Richard who will provide you with an overview of our approach to working with clients, our commitment to customer service, and our focus on delivering measurable results.

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Why partner with Kalara

Premium services

Our premium services ensure your business and staff are kept productive. We gather in depth knowledge of your business, beyond IT, so that our strategic IT advice and IT solutions provide an IT environment you can depend upon, one that meets your own business goals, plans and growth strategies.

Continual Improvement

Our service systems are built around the ISO 20000 framework for Leadership, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Operation, Performance Evaluation and Continuous Service Improvement.This solid framework helps support innovation and allows our operations to remain agile and at the peak of performance.

Embedded IT Team​

A fully tiered IT team for your business, from IT manager right down to deskside support. Our personal and proactive approach allows our team to fully embed into your business, looking after your business IT operations. Working alongside your senior management team, our strategic services will align your IT to your future business plans.

Your Trusted Advisors

As a trusted advisor, we offer tailored solutions for efficient and secure IT infrastructure. We build long-term relationships through proactive support, communication and transparency. We prioritise ethical business practices and customer service. At Kalara, our technical expertise ensures clients' success where we become an essential and trusted team for your business.