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Protect your business with our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) cyber protection

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and our team of experts stay on top of this ever-changing landscape.

We have an advanced security suite to protect your business from new and emerging threats known in the industry as Zero-Day attacks. Our approach of combining prevention, detection, investigation, and response is essential in ensuring the comprehensive protection from cyber threats.

With Extended Detection and Response (XDR) cyber protection, Kalara broaden the scope of protection through prevention, detection, investigation and response. 

By actively monitoring and protecting against new and emerging cyber threats, we provide a robust defence against new and emerging (Zero-day) threats, ransomware, phishing attacks, viruses, and other types of malicious activity.

Having a Security Operations Centre manned by Kalara’s team is a significant advantage, as it ensures that the monitoring of the network and endpoint devices is not solely reliant on automated processes.

This approach allows for the early detection and tracking of malicious activity, which can prevent the impact of cyber threats to your business. Protecting email, applications, endpoints, servers, and other critical infrastructure is critical in ensuring the overall cyber protection for your organisation.

Training for your employees

Your staff can be the weakest link in your security stack, but they can also be the strongest link through our extensive training and awareness courses.

Security Operations Centre

Manned by humans, ensures that protection is not solely reliant on automated processes.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Full XDR prevention. Say goodbye to ransomware and benefit from our zero trust approach with real time visibility.

Cloud Security

A wide range of robust solutions protecting you against internet security breaches.

Multi Factor Authentication and Password Management

Simplify enhanced authentication and complex password management with Kalara.

Realtime Monitoring

Realtime monitoring for suspicious activity and zero-day threat

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