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Ensure you network is secure and your staff safe from cyber threats and your business safe from Ransomware.

The Cyber Threat space is ever changing, with new and emerging Zero-Day attacks more prevalent than ever.

With Cybercrime targeting the end user in ever clever techniques and threats, the direction is clear – Prevention is better than cure.

Standard security processes are just as ever important such as permitter firewalls, Anti-Virus for servers and endpoints but our working habits are changing. Moving data, applications and services into the Cloud bring a new risk which requires a different breed of protection. New Cyber threats go beyond the normal protections of yesteryear.

We now need to look at monitoring behaviour and suspicious activity, isolating attacks before they progress. Instigating Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is now a must together with removing legacy authentication for retiring email protocols. Protecting your network permitter, monitoring the network for suspicious activity, instigate Extended Endpoint Protection (XDR), secure email filtering and secure password management should all be implemented as a base requirement to protect your business.

Go beyond EDR, find out more about our Extended Endpoint Protection EXR services here.

Keep your business, Cloud estate, network, devices and staff safe with our security services.

Contact our security team to arrange a security audit or discuss any IT security requirements

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