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Kalara Unified Continuity provides fully managed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Azure, 365 and on-premise systems. All under one roof and monitored 24/7.

The challenges of Cloud Adoption

Under Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model it is still your responsibility to ensure your data is secured and protected whether it is in Azure or 365 (including SharePoint, One Drive and email).

Microsoft describes the Azure shared responsibility model as follows:

The cloud provider (e.g. Azure) handles the security of the physical hosts, network and data centres.

The customer remains responsible for protecting everything else, such as applications, data and endpoints.

So, without backup and recovery protection your applications and data Azure and 365 cannot be restored to overcome data loss due to accidental deletion, cybersecurity threats, ransomware and other outages.

When you protect workloads with a native Azure service or a third-party solution hosted in Azure, you are relying on a single cloud provider. That leaves you at risk to public cloud outages and single points of failure.

Ransomware attacks are just as damaging in the cloud as they are for local servers and end user devices — unless your business has taken steps to protect itself.

Just as with on-premise server systems, data in Azure is subject to accidental or malicious deletion, as well as data corruption. Without the ability to roll back to the last good copy of a data set, data can be lost for good.

Backup and Continuity Protection for Microsoft Azure

Our Business Continuity for Microsoft Azure is multi-cloud BCDR offering that protects organisations from data loss, ransomware and other downtime scenarios, with recovery measured in minutes if an incident occurs. Multi-cloud replication allows us, as your managed service provider, to ensure comprehensive protection, management and recovery for your Azure environment.

Best-in-Breed Technology

Our Business Continuity Protection for Microsoft Azure is a premium business continuity and disaster recovery solution for the critical workloads residing in Microsoft Azure.

Eliminate single-cloud risk with hourly replication to a separate Cloud instance in a UK based data centre.

Optimise recovery time objectives with a fast and simple restoration process. Set a tight recovery point objective with intraday backups.

Isolated backups from your Azure environment capable of restoration into a virtualised environment in a separate UK Data Centre.

Unified Business Continuity technologies ensure simple, secure and reliable business continuity across Azure VMs, 365 and on-premise systems.

Effective fast restore entire servers or disk volumes. Recover data and files in seconds.

Siris – On-Premise systems Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Fully Managed backup, Business Continuity and Disaster recovery with Kalara utilising Siris.

Siris provides an all-in-one solution incorporating local backup and recovery replicated to an offsite Cloud repository within a UK Data Centre. This provides full onsite recovery as well as full disaster recovery in the Cloud, all managed and monitored by our team here at Kalara.

With cross-platform support, your organisation is protected from physical servers to virtual servers running Microsoft Windows Server or Linux.

A feature rich solution

  • Inverse Chain Technology for reliable backup
  • Ransomware scanning
  • Screenshot Verification for recovery assurance
  • Recovery Launchpad for failproof recovery
  • Fast Failback to primary system after a disaster
  • Instant virtualisation recovery, local or in the cloud

Enterprise protection for organisations of any size

  • Complete system image backup
  • Granular backup down to 5-minute increments
  • File or image level restoration
  • Instant recovery on-premise or in the Cloud
  • ESXi capability
  • Time-based or Infinite retention capabilities
  • Local or private Cloud retention
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Inverse Chain Technology backup
  • Fast Failback for recovery to the original system
  • Backup Insights to interrogate data changes between backup sets

SaaS 365 Protection – Backup and recovery for 365 including email, OneDrive and SharePoint

SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 offers an all-in-one backup, search, restore and export solution for Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. A fully managed solution supplied by Kalara.

Microsoft 365 is not automatically protected

Many organisations mistakenly believe that Microsoft 365 data is automatically protected. However, that’s only partially true. Microsoft does ensure that it will not lose your data, but it does not make any guarantees about restoring data if you lose it.

In other words, Microsoft 365 data is indeed vulnerable to accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware and other types of data loss.

Microsoft promote a “shared responsibility” model, advising businesses and end-users to ensure they maintain their own data protection, business continuity, compliance and security requirements beyond Microsoft 365’s limited native recovery capabilities.

Kalara offer a fully managed solution utilising SaaS Protection to fill this gap.

Fully Managed SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365

Have complete confidence with our Fully Managed service to backup, retain and recover your data across your 365 services such SharePoint, 365 email, OneDrive and Teams.

Protects 365 Email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams with 3 x Daily backup

Fast onboarding to get your business protected

Different retention periods to suit your needs, including an infinite retention option.

We’ll be able to quickly restore or export data from a specific point in time.

Capabilities to recover individual objects or entire accounts with related records and folder structure intact.
Restore data from one Microsoft 365 user account into another.
Preserve inactive Microsoft 365 user data with SaaS Protection for as long as you need it.

Monitored events for backup, exports and restores.

SaaS Protection backs up data in compliance with Service Organisation Control (SOC 1/ SSAE 16 and SOC 2 Type II) reporting standards and supports your HIPAA and GDPR compliance needs.
Roll-back data to a point in time before ransomware attacks.

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