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Centralised Remote Management and Monitoring for robust Endpoint management and deployment

Kalara’s Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) services provide a platform to remotely secure, monitor and manage endpoints.

With security at the core of our RMM service, businesses can rest assured that their devices are secure and locked down to prevent any unauthorised access or breaches.

The ability to remotely manage and deploy software lessens the impact to your staff, keeping them happy and of course productive. It ensures our customers stay up-to-date with the latest software updates and security patches. This is critical in ensuring that your endpoints are protected from the latest vulnerabilities and threats.

Automated patch management helps to streamline the process, ensuring that businesses can keep their endpoints secure without spending too much time and resources on manual patching.

Our RMM’s powerful feature set provides the ultimate, effective and efficient way to deliver support to your employees. This is especially valuable for businesses with remote workers or distributed teams that need to be managed and secured.

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