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Are your IT Services reliable? Benefits of Outsourcing

Within the IT industry we are often hearing a similar story from many businesses, struggling to overcome one of their biggest challenges faced, of how to successfully use their limited resources to best effect and when to make the leap of increasing capacity. Decision making, from their service or product offering right through to their sales and marketing strategy, all has to take their bottom line into account.

Further operational challenges are faced to keep the business effective and staff productive. The key to slick operations pin around effective and reliable in-house IT services. Concerns involve not just the expense of employee benefits and paid leave, but the loss of productivity when the techs are out of office. If those staff then leave at any point, this further exacerbates the issues with sourcing good employees and the headaches that recruitment process brings with it. Then there is the required transfer of knowledge from the exiting employee to consider too.

This is where external IT service providers can overcome such hurdles whilst bringing other qualities and skillsets that internal teams cannot. Acting as your own outsourced IT department with specialist knowledge they can bring clarity to those conundrums and alleviate all those hassles along the way.

How can an external IT service provider assist?

Your business can benefit from an external IT service
provider in several ways:

  • Cyberthreat and Ransomware protection
    One of the biggest concerns for businesses is Cybersecurity, especially in an ever-changing landscape that we all face today. By engaging with an external IT service provider, they will bring solutions to overcome these threats, leaving your team to focus on productivity and service delivery without the concern of your organisation’s devices or data being compromised.

  • Industry regulation compliance
    External IT service providers hold a unique position in helping businesses stay compliant and safe online. Their expertise and experience enable your data to be protected as per your industry standards, keeping your business compliant with defined regulations and protecting your brand from data breaches.

  • Keep updated with the latest technology trends
    External IT Providers remain agile and adapt to change as new technologies come into play and of course new cyber threats emerge. All good IT providers heavily invest in their team with continual training in new products, technology and security solutions. Having insights into the IT solutions available today leads to better decision making when organisations are looking to overcome challenges and streamline operations. An IT provider is very well placed to provide this – they have to be in order to be at the forefront of their industry.

  • High Availability
    Unlike an in-house IT team that may leave you exposed when they are on leave, or engaged in other commitments, an external IT service provider ensures high availability with capacity to scale to demand. Having a team of professionals with years of accumulated experience in the IT industry on-hand at all times can help you with a wide range of services from support and IT management through to network security and business continuity planning.

  • Optimise your productivity and investments
    We all understand that running a successful business is complex. It takes time, effort and skilled resources to keep everything on track. Add technology into the mix and it can sometimes feel like a minefield. Maximising your technology investments is key to your success. This is where outsourced IT partners excel, keeping your IT systems optimised whilst delivering a technical platform geared for productivity and efficiency.

  • Removes complacency and fears of change

    Complacency in the workplace can be contagious. Humans often get comfortable with what they know and shy away from change. IT providers embrace change and continuous improvement, creating a culture within to learn new technologies to keep their business ahead of the game. There is nothing more satisfying to an outsourced IT provider than implementing new solutions to improve IT environments and overcome IT challenges for their customers.


So, how do you choose?

Selecting the right IT service provider presents a few different options. An external IT service provider could answer all your requirements or you might choose to use a hybrid approach, utilising their services alongside your own in-house team.


When using outsourced services, you are able to access expertise you may not have in-house. It can also provide solutions to specific projects and tasks that are above and beyond your in-house core competencies. It’s your choice as to what works best for you and which meets your requirements most effectively.

All businesses differ in their unique demands, so at Kalara we tailor our services to fit your specific needs. With a wide range of service options to choose from, you can rest assured all your requirements will be met under just one roof.

Contact us today to tell us about your business, the challenges faced and your IT needs. Let us introduce our business and how we can embed our team into yours, outlining our range of fully managed services encompassing IT management, support, security, business continuity, compliance and a great deal more.

Additionally, read our eBook “How to Choose Reliable IT Services for Your Businesses” that uncovers the concept of IT services and highlights some key elements for businesses to look out for when partnering with an external IT service provider ­– you can download the eBook here: “How to Choose a Reliable IT Service Provider for Your Businesses.

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