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Strategic IT Support for Brighton

Kalara are strategic IT experts delivering exceptional IT Management, IT Support and fully Managed IT Services to Brighton.

Being agile within the IT technology space and well versed in both Cloud and on-premise IT solutions – Kalara design and deliver scalable IT platforms for your business to depend upon.

Positioning ourselves within the high service sector, our capacity planning ensures that we are never stretched, dedicating the detailed time that customers expect when employing this level of service. 

Detailed frameworks, robust project management, a dedicated senior technical account manager and our technical knowledge give you an experience of transition that will amaze you.

Find out how Kalara creates a seamless transition from your existing IT provision today…

IT Support Brighton

Why partner with Kalara?

With Kalara, there is a bigger picture. Our world goes beyond IT support, placing strategic client relationships and IT management at the heart of our business. These important relationships ensure that your IT environment is aligned to your own growth strategies, that IT projects are designed to meet all business objectives, with IT budgets adhered to whilst reducing IT costs over the long term.

We carefully position ourselves within the high service sector, with careful capacity planning ensuring that we are never stretched, dedicating the detailed time that customers expect when employing this level of service.

Working within tight frameworks for IT service delivery we maintain the dedicated services, keeping your IT infrastructure efficient, compliant, Cyber Secure, resilient and your staff well supported.

Embedding Kalara into your business provides you with an expert and dependable team from the top down.

Our premium IT services for Brigthon ensure your business and staff remain productive and looked after. We gather in-depth knowledge of your business ensuring that our strategic advice and solutions provide an IT environment you can depend upon and grow from.

Kalara will provide a comprehensive, multilayered, fully managed suite of Cyber Security services for endpoints, networks, cloud applications and virtual environments. This service will replace any existing similar cyber security services. Existing physical security and network devices will be maintained; however, these may be reviewed and recommendations made where necessary.

Employing robust and tested business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, Kalara will keep your business protected and prepared for any unfortunate event that could interrupt IT operations, including security breaches, data loss, natural disasters and unforeseen world events such as the recent pandemic.

Our service systems are built to a framework for Leadership, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Operation, Performance Evaluation and Continuous Service Improvement. This solid framework supports innovation and keeps your operations agile and at the peak of performance. 

To address any gaps in cyber awareness, Kalara will provide a comprehensive cyber awareness training platform, with staff training provided and monitored online. This service will include simulated email Phishing attacks and campaigns.

New technologies and more affordable solutions continuously enter the marketplace. Kalara invest in R & D time, evaluating new software and scanning the market to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition. Generative AI, automation and hardware developments offer opportunities for your business. Without drowning you with unnecessary distractions we will always introduce innovations to you that we believe can add value.

Embedding our IT team into your organisation meets your business needs, supports your employees and the system vendors within it. With our integration and in‐depth understanding of your organisation, Kalara will provide the highest levels of IT management, support and project delivery for your organisation.

Kalara become an essential and trusted team for your business, offering tailored solutions for efficient and secure IT infrastructure in Brighton. We build long-term relationships through proactive support, communication and transparency. At Kalara, we prioritise ethical business practices and customer service. Our trusted business acumen coupled with technical excellence supports clients’ success. You don’t want just an IT provider, you want an IT provider that has the experience and reputation of helping organisations grow, whether from planned natural growth, acquisitions or breaking into new markets

Working with Kalara—The Process 

The Strategic IT provider for Brighton

With over 20 years of industry experience, our founder, Richard Smith started this dynamic and customer-focused IT Services Provider supporting Crawley. As a local provider, we remain committed to building strong partnerships with our clients in Sussex, understanding their unique needs and challenges, and providing tailored solutions to help them succeed and grow their businesses.

Management and Support

It is expensive to train, run and maintain an in-house IT team. Kalara has the strategic expertise and capability to deliver exceptional IT Services. Kalara’s capabilities deliver IT Solutions that meet business demands, provide scalability for growth and overcome IT challenges.

Professional Services

Whatever the challenge, our consultants will help uncover the solution and advise on the best approach and technology available. Embedding our IT team into your organisation meets your business needs, supports your employees and the system vendors within it.

Managed Services

You have access to a full range of managed services that provide essential solutions such as backup, security and cloud offerings. Kalara are vendor agnostic and will work with you to create a best of breed infrastructure.

Cyber Security

We have an advanced security suite to protect your business from new and emerging threats known in the industry. Our approach of combining prevention, detection, investigation, and response will help you protect your business. 


Your business depends on reliable communications. Communications depend on stable, secure and resilient networks. Kalara provides and maintains reliable and cost effective networks with fail over to minimise any downtime in your business.

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